False myths about the lamb

1. It takes a long time of cooking time:

Lamb meat allows endless possibilities of cooking. In ten minutes time we may cook a delicious dish with CORDEREX lamb as the main ingredients. Don't you believe it? Please, find some examples below:

Recipe given by Hotel Las Lomas, Mérida: Confit of Lamb Fillet with Rosemary and Tierra de Barros wine (20 minutes) 

Recipe done by the restaurant « LVGARIS »: breast of lamb "tempura" with apple-sauce (20 minutes)

If you want to learn more recipes from lamb Corderex, come to visit our blog http://igpcorderex.blogspot.com.es/

mitos sobre el cordero

2. Its only eaten in celebrations:

False, the lamb is a meat that can be eaten each day of the year. The high quality of this meat makes it an excellent choice for special celebrations. But, nowadays you can find CORDEREX lamb at your favourite butcher every day. Don't doubt and taste it!

3. Lamb has a strong flavoured taste:

The strong odour and taste are characteristic of old lamb (which are more than 1 year old). The CORDEREX lambs are sacrificed within 100 days after their birth. Since the lambs are sacrificed so young, they provide a meat with a sweet taste.

4. That meat is fatty:

The CORDEREX meat has a very low fat-rate. That's principally due to the age of the sacrifice and the breeding methods. If you what to take care to your health, choose to eat CORDEREX lamb meat.

5. It is very expensive:

The fresh products prices change throughout the year depending on market offer and demand. It's precisely during the Christmas period that the prices are higher, to go down on January. Besides, the different pieces of the lamb have also different prices, that is, while the chops are quite expensive, the neck and the flank keep low prices during the whole year. In any case, we may often buy lamb meat at very competitive prices, as well as it happens with other quality meat such as the veal or Iberian pork.

6. It is not good healthy:

The secret for a balanced diet is to eat everything but in reasonable quantities. The lamb meat is an important source of proteins for our body. Moreover this meat provides the vitamins and minerals needed for the correct functioning of the organism.

7. Only old people eat lamb meat:

Wrong, the CORDEREX lamb meat is a food suitable for everybody. Both, young and old people can taste and appreciate the quality of this meat. Thereby it is possible to introduce lamb meat in the feeding of your child from 8 to 9 months

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